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Bulk Asphalt

  • Asphalt PEN 60/70
  • Softening point according to PU, Bina Marga, Toll Road and Airport standards
  • From the best refinery

Modified Asphalt

  • Asphalt PG 70, 76, 82
  • Natural rubber

Asphalt Bag

  • Asphalt PEN 60/70
  • Weight 50 kg

Asphalt Drum

  • Asphalt PEN 60/70
  • Weight 155 kg

Providing 60/70 Pen Bulk Asphalt Products

In meeting the domestic demand for asphalt, which is currently estimated to reach 2 million tons per year, we as one of the largest importers and suppliers of asphalt in Indonesia are always consistent in meeting the national asphalt needs and providing the best service.​

Quality products and 24 hours service

We operate 24/7 by providing 1 x 24 hour service and maintaining the quality of the asphalt products we send to our customers

Delivery on time and right quantity

The entire process from the Asphalt refinery to the location of the AMP customer is always well maintained and monitored.

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