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  • Type PCC Cement
  • SNI Quality
  • High Strength
  • Have Good Abrasion Performance

Conch Cement Distributor

MTP Group (PT. Aditya Wahana Nusa) in collaboration with PT. Conch North Sulawesi Cement to become one of the distributors of Conch cement in Indonesia. The cement distributing business is a business development in the logistics sector with the main market share being to meet cement demand in the national development sector such as housing, roads and bridges.

Conch Cement Product Quality

Cement Conch has full characteristic, high starting strength, accurate timing, stable quality and good adaptability. PCC Conch cement is suitable for bonding and is recommended for general construction and building materials.

Delivery On Time and Right Quantity

We guarantee that the entire distribution process from the factory to the customer's location is always well maintained and monitored and supported by reliable supply chain facilities.

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