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Industrial Fuel​

  • Industrial Bio-Diesel
  • Indonesian Oil and Gas standards

Retail Fuel

  • Industrial Bio-Diesel
  • Indonesian Oil and Gas Standards
  • Subsidized/Non-Subsidized Fuel

Providing Bio-Diesel Products

The Industrial Fuel Oil (Bio-Diesel) business is a business development in the wider downstream oil and gas sector, by utilizing our own facilities and infrastructure with the main market share being to meet the demand for industrial fuel in the mining, plantation, manufacturing industries, power plants, bunkers and the lower-middle sector (retail).

Oil and Gas Standard Quality

The procurement of industrial fuel is imported directly from abroad (oil major) where our company is the holder of the General Trading Permit (INU) with a validity period of 10 years.

Strategic Storage Location

The locations for storing and distributing Bio-Diesel are centered on the Barru Terminal in the Garongkong Barru port area of ​​South Sulawesi and the Batulicin Terminal in South Kalimantan.

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