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MTP Group Innovates With Rubber Asphalt Product

MTP Group Innovates With Rubber Asphalt Product

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Innovation in running a business is a must in providing added value for MTP Group’s products and services so that they are able to win the existing competition. These forms of innovation include developing and diversifying products and services.

Meanwhile, Multi Trading Pratama Group continues to innovate to improve asphalt product services to meet domestic needs and continue to exist in global market competition. Currently, Multi Trading Pratama Group has added a new product service, namely Asphalt Polymer PG-70 or commonly called Modified Asphalt and is also considering presenting a higher grade with asphalt PG-76 and PG-82 to meet asphalt needs at all levels of PG or Performance. Grade.

The innovation is also a form of MTP Group’s support for the Government’s program which seeks to exploit the potential of rubber in the infrastructure sector, one of which is by processing rubber as an additional material for asphalt production in order to increase domestic rubber consumption. Along with the development of regulations from the government where the Ministry of PUPR is committed to expanding the use of rubber as a mixture of asphalt in the maintenance of national roads and is also part of efforts to help rubber farmers amid the downward trend in rubber prices. The Ministry of PUPR has regulated regulations regarding norms, standards, procedures and manuals for the use of rubber for asphalt mixtures, namely SE MINISTER of PUPR NO. 04/SE/M/2019. So that with this MTP Group seeks to synergize and innovate to support Government programs.

Asphalt Polymer PG-70 itself is the result of a modification by mixing hard asphalt and natural polymer or synthetic polymer.

The advantage of Asphalt Polymer is to solve classic problems in Indonesia, namely asphalt damage due to heavy loads, cracks and water damage. In addition, it is more elastic and according to the temperature in Indonesia. Based on the results of research and lab tests, Polymer Asphalt has 3 times better resistance than ordinary asphalt, can reduce cracking at low temperatures, make asphalt more stable at high temperatures, more resistant to abrasion, better able to withstand heavy loads and increase durability. asphalt pavement.

MTP Group will continue to develop product and service innovations to improve customer satisfaction.