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Reliable Supply Chain With Own Tanker Support

Reliable Supply Chain With Own Tanker Support

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As a trading company and the second largest private importer for refined petroleum products, especially Asphalt and Bio Solar, MTP Group is always adaptive to existing developments, especially with increasingly fierce business competition and also higher demands for the quality of products and services demanded. by the customer.

In this case, supply chain management is a very important field in the business world because it is directly connected to the company’s competitiveness. The supply chain has an important role in improving the quality of service to customers.

Therefore, MTP Group continues to improve the quality of the supply chain through the formulation of its strategy in order to achieve efficiency, effectiveness and ensure product quality to the customer.

As it grows, MTP Group equips itself with reliable facilities, namely 9 tankers to support supply chain sustainability. The MTP Group’s tanker fleet functions to serve Asphalt, BBM and Floating Storage cargo services.

The use of ships in the oil and gas industry is very important given the large number of production and distribution operations that require ships for smooth operations. With the current transportation facilities, it is believed that MTP Group has high competitiveness for global market competition.

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